Family FAQ

QShould I mention in the interview that an acceptable background check is a prerequisite for employment?

Absolutely! Most nannies will expect this criterion anyway, but simply mentioning that an extensive background check will be performed can deter candidates with something to hide. Let all your candidates know during your first communication that a completed, acceptable background check is a firm prerequisite of employment.

QI’m interviewing candidates now but the nanny won’t begin work for a couple of months. When should I order the background check?

You should order the background check as soon as an employment offer has been accepted. If you need the candidate to start immediately, you can amend the written formal offer to state that a satisfactory background check is a prerequisite for his/her continued employment. (We urge clients not have a nanny begin any work in your home until the background check is completed.)

QDo I need a signed legal release from the nanny to begin his/her background check?

No, Childcare Background Search will obtain your candidate’s release through either our online web form or through a separate document that we will send to you if your candidate does not have an email address. In order to be compliant with Federal law, we cannot start the investigation without this signed form. We ask that our client families notify the nanny of the investigation and request her to be cooperative when contacted.

QHow long will the background check take to complete?

An extensive, professional background check contains many different components and each component has its own timeframe. For example, it can take 3-4 days for our professional legal researcher to visit a courthouse, examine all pertinent criminal records and send the report back to us. Our goal is to complete a background check within 4-6 business days after we receive the release and driver’s license copy from the candidate. Our experience has been that most delays occur when the nanny candidate is slow to return the background authorization. For this reason, we urge all families to order the background check as soon as your candidate has accepted your offer of employment.

QMy nanny candidate has lived in the United States for many years without a social security number. Will your search cover any criminal offenses that happened during this time?

Yes, we have a unique offering that runs two separate national criminal searches. One search uses the social security number and the other search uses the name and date of birth.

QMy nanny candidate is not from the United States. Will your criminal and motor vehicle search check other countries?

No, due to the high costs and variable quality of archived criminal data from other countries, our background check search records are exclusively U.S. based.

QWhy should I spend $115.00 for a background check and wait for the results when I can order a background check on the internet for less money and see instant results?

Most often, an inexpensive internet background check is buying you an inferior check that is based on a single name from a database that only covers specific types of criminal records. It’s extremely unlikely you are receiving a full background check that encompasses all the searches we conduct. It’s also unlikely that you will have easy access to ask questions by telephone or email regarding any aspect of your requested search. In addition, if you check the fine print of the agreements of many instant background check websites, you will find you are agreeing NOT to use the information for hiring purposes. Doing so puts you in violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

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