Agency FAQ

Nanny Agency FAQ

QDo I receive special pricing compared to individual families ordering this search?

Yes, agencies that order in volume each month will be given a special price. You will keep a contract on file with our service that includes credit card information. We will charge you once per month for the service and send you a confirmation of your orders placed.

QDo you have more than one background check for nanny agencies?

Yes. We have a premium check (recommended for long term nanny placements) and an essential check (recommended for temporary nanny checks). The premium check includes: comprehensive national criminal searches, one county, social security trace, address history, multiple name criminal search, driving records, education verification (current enrollment or degree), personal judgments and sex offender registry. The essential check includes: comprehensive national criminal searches, social security trace, address history, multiple name criminal search, driving records, sex-offender registry.

QWhat makes this service unique?
  • A background researcher is actively involved in each search
  • You have access to email and telephone support
  • The automated system saves you time in obtaining candidate information
  • Only the most reputable database providers are used for data collection.
  • We have special nanny agency industry insight due to our sister company being Colorado Nanny, a leader in the nanny agency industry since 2002.
  • Our service is competitively priced compared to other high quality services.

I have used Childcare Background for several searches over the past 3 years. I found their website to be easy to use, the service friendly, helpful and very responsive to my needs. I Highly recommend this company!

Abby L. / Manhattan, NY

Childcare background reduced my stress involved in hiring a nanny. I have used this service more than once and have recommended it to friends that have been equally impressed. The reports are fairly priced and provide more comprehensive data than other companies. I will continue to use this professional and timely service.

Elaine H. / Washington DC

I used Childcare Background and was incredibly impressed with their process. It was easy to go online to order and we received our results within a week. They provided a same day response to questions and gave us real peace of mind regarding our hiring decision. I highly recommend this company. They are great to work with!

Meghan T. / Golden, CO

Our nanny placement agency has used this service for years. The service and reports we've gotten over the years have been OUTSTANDING. Their reports are the BEST AVAILABLE in our business!!

Michael Dinneen / Nanny City, NY