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ChildCare Background Research Corporation is a full service company that focuses exclusively on conducting meticulous, in-depth nanny background checks. Place your order today for our industry leading nanny background check for only $109.00

Our nanny background checks are especially designed for childcare candidates; any nanny background check that does not include all of the below searches could potentially put your child in jeopardy.  


Why have families around the country selected our nanny background check for almost a decade?


1). Our custom nanny background check includes:

  • Multiple national criminal checks
  • County criminal check (conducted by an on-site professional court reporter)
  • Sex Offender registry check- nationwide
  • Driving history/state DMV records search
  • Judgments search (Has your candidate sued a former employer?)
  • Alias/maiden name search (Has your candidate committed a crime under another name?)
  • Address trace
  • Social security number verification
  • College education verification

2). Our Criminal Searches are deeper and more extensive than others. We use a special cross-reference database technique to insure more jurisdictions are searched.

3). We check both Married and Maiden names at NO EXTRA COST (many criminal records are found only by name and DOB). Other firms charge a full separate search fee to check maiden names. We will also search any alias or AKA (Also Known As) names uncovered in the SS-Address trace at no extra fee. 

4). We never charge you additional court costs or State DMV fees. (Other background search firms will charge you these "hidden" fees in addition to your initial price). With ChildCare Background Research you will always know your final, complete price is only $109.00

5). With almost a decade of specializing in custom nanny background checks, we know all of the "red flags" that signal a problem candidate.

6). We are a full service company. This means we save you valuable time by contacting your nanny candidate to secure the necessary legal release and background forms; other companies place this coordination burden on you.

7). We search Sexual Offender registries nationwide (other firms search one state only).

8). We run a full State DMV Driving report to search for reckless, unsafe or irresponsible behavior. This report is critical if the nanny is to be driving your children to and from school or sports activities.

9). We check courts nationwide to search for Civil Lawsuits. This will let you know if your candidate has filed any frivolous lawsuits against former employers.

10). We verify United States college degrees as well as attendance (our competitors only confirm degrees). We have a data pipe into over 1,800 colleges and universities.

11). We verify her Social Security number and trace her address history as far back as 1965.

12). We offer full toll free telephone support to answer questions and update you on the status of your check. Most Internet based background check companies do not even publish a phone number thereby providing you no way of directly contacting their company. 

13). We offer you a choice of delivery options. You can choose to have the final report sent by: E-mail, Fax or Priority Mail (at no extra cost).



ChildCare Background Research Corporation is a background checks services company that focuses exclusively on in-depth nanny background checks and pre-employment criminal checks for childcare candidates.